Professional Competence Identification Through Formal Concept Analysis


As the job market has become increasingly competitive, people who are looking for a job placement have needed help to increase their competence to achieve a job position. The competence is defined by the set of skills that is necessary to execute an organizational function. In this case, it would be helpful to identify the sets of skills which is necessary to reach job positions. Currently, the on-line professional social networks are attracting the interest from people all around the world, whose their goals are oriented to business relationships. Through the available amount of information in this kind of networks it is possible to apply techniques to identify the competencies that people have developed in their career. In this scenario it has been fundamental the adoption of computational methods to solve this problem. The formal concept analysis (FCA) has been a effective technique for data analysis area, because it allows to identify conceptual structures in data sets, through conceptual lattice and implications. A specific set of implications, know as proper implications, represent the set of conditions to reach a specific goal. So, in this work, we proposed a FCA-based approach to identify and analyze the professional competence through proper implications.


Formal concept analysis Proper implications Professional competence On-line social networks 

Silva P.R., Dias S.M., Brandão W.C., Song M.A., Zárate L.E. (2018) Professional Competence Identification Through Formal Concept Analysis. In: Hammoudi S., Śmiałek M., Camp O., Filipe J. (eds) Enterprise Information Systems. ICEIS 2017. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, vol 321. Springer, Cham

Author: Sérgio M Dias

Sérgio M. Dias is a Data scientist, Professor, and Researcher in Computer Science.

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